[[AS2]] Frame Label Issue?

Hello All…again… I am having a strange problem with frame labels ( i think :ear: )

I am using external swf. files to load content for my portfolio.

The Work section contains thumbnails and once you click them they fade in at a larger size using Frame labels with AS2 —


If you open http://thekhromatic.com/khrome/work.html and click the thumbnails you can see it works perfectly fine.

However if you go to the work section from the index — http://thekhromatic.com/khrome/Index.html it no longer works. . . Any solutions? Has anyone Had this same issue ??? I have been trying at this all day but it does not seem to work once i upload to server :confused:

all files (FLA , SWF, HTML ) are under

http://thekhromatic.com/khrome/ - Any suggestions would be great!