AS2 help for a newbeeee please!

Hi. My first post! :hugegrin: I have been an admirer of this forum for many many month now and i am very grateful for the hours of head scratching i’ve avoided thanks to it and all the good people offering their advice. I hope to pass on my wisdom as i accrue it! Anyway…

I’ve got a button on the main timeline that i only want to be visible on from frame 2 onwards. I know i could just place it on a new keyframe on frame 2 but then i can’t get the AS on frame 1 to control it and i don’t want to duplicate all my code. (Its static text, converted to a btn mc). Has anyone got any ideas why the following isn’t working?


_root.onEnterFrame = function () {
if (_root._currentframe == 1){
} else {