[AS2] How to manually resize FLVPlayback to full screen?

I am developing for a project which I inherited, coded in Actionscript 2 but deployed for Flash 9 (I personally use CS4). Since this is AS2, there is no fullScreen option in the FLVPlayback component. The system I am working with uses multiple layers and movieclips in order to display an interface. Sometimes a video will be displayed as well; the video is published in a standalone SWF, using the FLVPlayback component which loads the FLV file.

I created a button/movieclip combination which I would like to use to resize the FLVPlayback component to “full screen”. What I do is this:

  • read the browser window’s available height and width using javascript
  • on the onRelease event for the button, resize the FLVPlayback to the maximum available size and place it at 0, 0.
  • on the other onRelease event for the button, resize the FLVPlayback back to its original dimension and place it back to its original coordinates.

My problem is twofold: the FLVPlayback skin disappears when I resize the FLVPlayback and it seems that the FLVPlayback is taking more space because I cannot see some of the content of the FLV itself.

Does anyone have any experience with manually resizing FLVPlayback components? Any help would be greatly appreciated.