[AS2] Kirupa Scrollbar + Dynamic Content

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forums, so I’ll do a brief introduction. My name is Roel I’m 22 years old and I’m from the Netherlands.

Mainly been making websites all these years, but in my last year at school i started to get interested in Flash Actionscript. I’ve been at home for over a year in 2008, unemployed. I got back to school in September 2008 but quit the education as it wasn’t for me. Now I’m looking to get a job, but I need a showcase, so I’m building my portfolio at the moment. :eyeup:

I’m currently working on my portfolio which i wanted to make in Flash using XML generated content.

I got as far as getting the content generated in my prototype. Now I’m trying to build the real thing.

I currently got a scrollbar on the left which contains the thumbnails. I used the custom scrollbar from Kirupa.com (http://www.kirupa.com/developer/flash8/scrollbar.htm). The content in it is generated with xml and actionscript though.

Even though i got that scrollbar to work with static content, i can’t get it to scroll with the generated thumbnails. So basicly what i would like help with is perhaps a brief explanation of how i can make the movieclip recognize the generated spaced thumbs’ total height and make the scrollbar scroll acordingly.

Been browsing the web a bit and people are talking about scrollpanes with the Flash Components. But isn’t it possible to create such a thing with a custom made scrollbar (the one Kirupa made).

Hope I’ve been clear about what I’m trying to do hehe :cross-eye

I know, it’s quite a wall of text, and I appreciate if you read it this far. Thanks for any replies / help in advance!