AS2 Preloader w. Intro & Outro Animations

[font=Arial]Hello, I was wondering if anyone could point me to a good tutorial, explain the process, show me some code, whatever may help me to achieve the type of preloader I am trying to build. Obviously, there are plenty of tutorials on building preloaders out there, but most of them use older techniques. What I want to accomplish is to build a preloader using AS2 (since that is what I have been learning) and possibly basing it off of the MovieClipLoader class and it’s methods since it has a lot of built in functionality for this sort of thing. I would like to know if anyone could help me figure out the best, and most “to the point” way of constructing a reuseable preloader this way. I want the preloader to be able to be used for the initial load of the site as well as any external swfs that may need to be loaded from within the site. Another key desire of mine, is to have the preloader “animate in” BEFORE it starts preloading, and then “animate out” AFTER the load is complete, but BEFORE the content is visible. I’m sure you guys know exactly the type of thing I am describing, I just have never done this before and need a little help the first time so I can get it right. I appreciate any help that anyone is willing to offer… thanks! - Fes [/font]