AS2 'this' keyword

From my understanding, the [color=black]this[/color][color=black] keyword in AS2.0 classes is not needed to access class-level properties. What I’m curious about is whether you can use it, to prevent naming issues. For example, I often do something like this with the naming of parameters to functions:

class Point {
var x:Number;
var y:Number;
var z:Number;

function Point (x:Number, y:Number, z:Number):Void
    this.x = x;
    this.y = y;
    this.z = z;



Would the function’s parameter being named the same as a class property still raise issues?

Also, are there any naming restrictions to classes? I know some languages don’t allow numbers at all, some don’t allow them as the last character in a name, some don’t allow them as the first, etc.