[AS2] Working on an RTS


I was toying with some aspects in flash, and I know it isn’t that hard to come one with a decent RTS engine. The hardest part would probably be Pathfinding, Enemy Ai, and a proper fog of war. Everything else would be about the atmosphere of the game; Plot, Artwork, Audio …

So I was going to try and come up with something playable.

I wasn’t going to make this tile based,[COLOR=DimGray] (as I don’t fully understand it yet Lulz)[/COLOR] but if I need to due to Ai/Pathfinding, I’ll set up a tiled map which is invisible and a scenery map for the graphical side.

I want to make some decent pathfinding. [COLOR=DimGray](Honestly, I don’t even know how I would get a pathfinding algorithm working let alone getting a unit to follow said path. :hugegrin:).[/COLOR] Plus, units shouldn’t be able to over lap each other.

Would appreciate any info on how to get this working.[COLOR=DimGray] (I’m a little slow on things like this.)[/COLOR]