as3.0 to mysql path question


This may be fairly straight foward but just wondering if anyone knows if there is something else I should do or if something is going wrong.

I’m connecting from as3.0 through a php file to mysql db. If i define a full url path ex: localhost://dir1/phpfile and test the swf within flash it works fine. So the connection isn’t a problem. However what I would like to do is just reference the php file relative to the document and not a full url. When I do this it works fine on the server but testing within the flash application does not work. Also there is no error that the referenced file can not be found.

Anyways in terms of testing this is annoying I either have to go back and change all the db links from the localhost url to a relative path or use a relative path to begin but i’ll be unable to test within flash.

As a side not I can access xml files relative to the doc and those work fine, just the php files are an issue. My only guess is that the php files referenced relative to the document aren’t being parsed unless it goes through an actual url…something along those line, I hope someone understands what I mean.

Thanks for any help