AS3 and MVC pattern development question

This is almost the same question as posted in this link but in regards to design patterns:

When dynamically creating a menu of buttons, in AS2, onRelease I’m quite used to passing an arg to a function to handle section loading etc. This is for smaller flash app cases where I don’t feel its necessary to create a class for the button.

So, in true MVC design, whats the best practice here? Create all the buttons via a view class, have there be a class for that type of button, create vars in that button class, specific to that button, then, in the event calls for that button, have those execute a method in the button class that then calls a method/passes button specific items to the view and or model?

Just want to give some input to how I’m thinking I’d do it so that anyone can say “whoa, way off” or “yeah, something like that”

Thanks ahead for any input.