AS3: issue with Tween class and Roll Overs (HELP)

So I’m actually doing something very simple here, but it’s my first attempt at tweening things through code rather than on the timeline, so I’m pretty new at this. Basically I have a small image gallery, all the thumbnails are butted up against one another in a grid. When you roll over an image, the title should tween to reveal itself below the image. I have it set up so that both the image and title are in one movie clip, with the image on the top layer.

My code does work when you move your mouse slowly, however when you roll over and out really fast, the whole thing freaks out a little, and the titles don’t tween back properly, they actually stay exposed even though they shouldn’t. It looks like they kind of tween back, then pop out again, with out a tween. I linked to my current swf file so you can see for yourself.

Here is an example of my code which is iterated for every image.


var myTween:Tween;
MC.buttonMode = true;

function onMC(event:MouseEvent):void{
myTween = new Tween (MC.title,“y”,Strong.easeOut,94.5,138,.65,true);

function offMC(event:MouseEvent):void{
myTween = new Tween (MC.title,“y”,Strong.easeIn,138,94.5,.35,true);

If you guys have any ideas I appreciate it.