AS3 Rotation Circle


I’m trying to make a circle rotate every x degrees, to get some pens rotate to the same spot. So i’ve got 21 pens, 360 degrees / 21 pens = 17.14 degrees, i’m moving the circle CCW and CW (+17.14 and -17.14).

I’m using the Tweenlite to move the pens but it doesn’t work :frowning:
function functionMoverCanetas(event:Event):void
if (botaoPress == true)
{, 1, {rotation:velocidadeCaneta});
//mcCanetas.rotation += velocidadeCaneta;

If I only use mcCanetas.rotation += velocidadeCaneta; in the functionMoverCanetas the rotation almost works fine, some pens just skip in the rotation and i can’t figure it out.

One more thing, how do i know which pen is in the spot? Is there any way to get the name and save to a var?

I’m trying to do this for 3 days :confused: You can find the source file in here Can someone help me out?

Thanks in advance