[as3] VerifyError: Error #1063

Hi everyone,
have been searching for a solution for this problem, without success…

Flex Builder doesnt show any errors in my code, until i compile.
the browser dies after the swf is running a few seconds.

VerifyError: Error #1063: Nicht übereinstimmende Argumentzählung für de.kismael.bio::Ranke$iinit(). 13 erwartet, 0 erhalten.
    at de.kismael.bio::RankeKlein$iinit()
    at de.kismael.bio::Ranke/de.kismael.bio:Ranke::doEnterFrame()[C:\Programme\xampp\htdocs\MediaLab\de\kismael\bio\Ranke.as:110] 

here are the important parts:

ranke.as, line 110:

private function doEnterFrame(event:Event):void{

                    if (Math.ceil(Math.random()*12) == 1 ) {
                        miniZweig = new RankeKlein(20,20,100,100,.2,200,13,15,25,2,0x006600,50,aktuellAngle,5);

here the Constructor of RankeKlein :

public function RankeKlein(xpos:Number, ypos:Number, boxw:Number, boxh:Number, speed:Number, maxLaenge:Number, springLaenge:Number, festerAngle:Number, variierterAngle:Number, strich****e:Number, strichFarbe:Number, strichAlpha:Number,aktuellerAngle:Number,pbegrenzung:Number)

I already tried to reduce the number of arguments required by the rankeKlein constructor,
without success, he still expects 13 arguments…

maybe important:

Ranke extends Sprite, RankeKlein extends Ranke

I would really appreciate any help, as i am new to as3.