Asking for help by a Novice............!

It’s been few days that i’ve been working with the Flash tool, can any one suggest as how i should go about using the Flash, in developing a movie clip which explains or gives details about features present in a software package.any related links where i can get more information will be greatly helpful in building my movie clip.


I could suggest a couple of things. I’d say, if your site is going to have multiple reviews of software packages, that it’s in your best interest to have the swf’s grab their textual information from an outside source… I’ll explain.

You can set up a movie with the ability to grab all of it’s content from other files. txt files can save variables which can then be imported during play time, to the users player. Likewise images of your product could be saved to individual swf files and imported dependent upon what was needed at the time.

This is not exactly easy to accomplish, but not really hard either.

I’ll try to give a detailed run down of how to go about this tomarrow… once I get a little more sleep.

I’m just playing around with the flash,i’m lost as where i should start working.looking for the guidence…

This website/forum is an excellent place to start! the posts…excellent content and the people are super helpfull!
Stick around here and you’ll definitely LEARN a whole bunch!


Sorry I haven’t posted anything yet… I haven’t gotten any sleep and I’ve been working on a couple things for a few people.

i’ll wait for your reply,till then i’ll go ahead and start builiding my flash movie.

Start producing… I’m not sure what I can offer right now…
I’m putting together information and tutorials to help everyone. I’ll keep this info in mind… but I don’t know when I’ll be able to post it.