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I attempting to re-make a website entirely in flash, and so far, it’s turning out pretty nice, I’m loading HTML into the movie, as well as a few other variables to change different things, but what I’d LIKE to beable to do is load images into the movie at run-time… is this possible? I’ve not seen this done before, and I’m hoping it can be done… can someone help? If you want to see where I’m at so far in the project, check out: http://www.gamebastard.com/newmovie.htm


There are a couple of ways. The easiest, is to make your pics, swf’s. There are a couple of programs that will do this quickly, but personaly, I just import them into blank movies and then save them out as swfs.

the harder way, but more convienient, is detailed in this thread


Hmm… Unfortunately, PHP, and anything really advanced is kind of out of the question at this time… I had kinda thought about making the images .SWFs, but I think that it would take to much time. What I’m trying to do is make a Flash Engine if you will for our Game Review site, everytime we want to update, I want to be able to edit a few .TXT files, and the Flash will do the rest. What I want to do with the pictures is be able to do Screenshots. Basically, upload a .TXT file that has 5 filenames for Screenshots, and then upload those 5 files. When someone reads the review associated with those shots, 5 boxes will appear on the bottom, and show a thumbnail, that would enlarge when clicked.

If I can’t find a way to do that, I’m going to have to have 5 Boxes labeled 1-5, that open a new window with the screenshot… which, I was trying to avoid… heh… oh well, I appreciate any help…

I’m not sure, but these might save you some time


I’ll have to give them a shot when I get home from work, they look promising though… I appreciate the help.