ASP and Flash

Well, I never thought I’d have to try this with ASP, but you know how clients can get.

I went to pass a variable to an ASP page,

the ASP will filter a recordset based on that value.

I want the results of that filter to be passed back to my Flash page.

Any suggestions?

I am, of course, using LoadVars() in the following way:

	formdata = new loadVars();
	formdata.SRV_NM=GA016DBB;//this is the variable I want to pass to my asp page for filtering
	replydata= new LoadVars();
//this next section may be my problem
		formdata.sendAndLoad(getserver, replydata, "POST");
} else {

You could just use XML for that…take the recordset that is returned and load that into an XML format in ASP. Which would be a Data Island on that page…then load that XML into Flash. If you’re using SQL Server 2K…That DB will return XML if you specify FOR XML AUTO in your Stored Procedure. XML is probably your answer in this case since you’re using ASP.

Hope I help, but probably didn’t.