ASP - Database construction/ Query help


I have been trying to construct a Db for a article site that i am creating.

I have been advised to setup the following tables:

table articles
articleid (pk)
article title
article text
article date

table sections
sectionid (pk)
table article sections**
articleid (fk)
sectionid (fk)

This is because a article eg “cancer” can appear in more then one article section eg “Medication” and “Research” or in just one section.

FIRSTLY can some check to see if i have created the DB correctly and that the relationships are correct

here access db

SECONDLY i am trying to create a query that will select all articles in a specific article section when you click a url, eg articles.asp?ArticleID=1

this will display all articles in that relevent section.

Any help would be greatly received as im going round in circles atm.

many thanks