ASP email submission form

I’m having a bit of trouble with a Flash + ASP email submission form I’m setting up. I’m using the kirupa tutorial as the basis for the Flash file. I’m presuming that even though the example uses PHP, the method can be applied universally.

I have tested the ASP file with a plain HTML submission form, and it was able to accept the information and then send the email to the correct recipient.

When I used the same ASP doc with the Flash submission form, I was able to advance to the second frame. However, an email was never received by the correct recipient.

Here’s a summary of the files –


  Dim MyDll

  Set MyDll = Server.CreateObject("cXTools.FormProc")

  'The From address will be taken from the form (must be named EMailFrom).
  MyDll.SendMailTo = "[email protected]"
  MyDll.MailSubject = "Subject Line title here"

  'Next line should give a file name if data saving is wanted or "none" if not



flash-form.fla, frame 1, ‘send’ button:

on (release) {
	form.loadVariables("flash-form.asp", "POST");

flash-form.fla, frame 1, ‘form’ movieclip:


Inside the ‘form’ movieclip contains three textfields that have the following vars:

I am also presuming if the onClipEvent (data) triggers the frame advancement that it confirms that the data was transmitted to the ASP document.

If there’s anyone who has any hints or would like to shatter my presumptions, it would be greatly appreciated!