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Can anyone give me a brief overview of ASP.NET ASP and ASPX? I have read things online and have my own impression, but most certainly it’s wrong. Another important question is: what does a webserver need to serve .asp and .aspx pages?


the .NET framework is designed to no longer be hindered by different programming languages, but to allow a web language to run multiple applications on different servers in different programming languages…it’s the future of server side scripting -

it is so much more technical than that…so just go to the web page above and explore. wish you could have went to the conference i went to - would make more sense.

you need IIS installed on the server, but that website will discuss all of that…

what perked your interest in

Thanks for the link and info.

I’m always interested in web technologies. I read somewhere that you can write code in C# that is then used in ASP.NET. I’ve dabbled in C# and so that appealed to me.
I prefer C# to C++, so ASP.NET has looked like a good php replacement for me. I want to learn more about C#/ASP.NET and hopefully i’ll be able to run stuff off the server I rent. That was the main reason I asked about requirements. I know I could get my own computer to serve ASP.NET pages, I just want to figure out if my hosting company can (they don’t advertise it) without too much trouble. Thanks again for your help! :thumb:

no problem, yes that is the beauty of .NET taking your C applications and running them :slight_smile: