ASP users maybe you can help me out here

Hi all, I am developing a site, which I feel will require the use of ASP. Included is a link for a typical example, This is just something to demonstrate the requirements. The link is as follows:


I have created a header and footer, these elements are part of the design, but the content area I wish to change dependant upon each page. Is it possible to create the main page once and then load the content into the content area upon selection?

This would save the time and effort on developing each page individually, and allow more time for production. Secondly any modifications that may be required can be applied to one file rather than 100.

I am unsure if this is a simple process, I have tried, and researched the area but unsuccessful in all attempts, if this is not a simple process, I would be pleased if you could point me in the right direction in order to satisfy the criteria. Thank you.

Trevor Saint


you can use something called server side includes (SSI)
here is a link to some info on this

it will help you cause you can write your header info and your footer info in a text file and then just reference it on your pages

once you change the include file, all your files will be changed as well

in other words you change the info in only one file



Thanks for your reply bsw.

I have used ssi before, but heard that there is security problems, not entirely sure about this.

Its not just a textural element is more like navigation is in the header and a search facility. Placing this as a seperate include is this a wise approach? I thought ASP was the answer here?

Please help me if you know more on this subject thank you