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A few days ago, I asked Kirupa a question about something, he said the ‘Include Page’ command. Well, Kirupa, did you do that for EVERY PAGE on your site???

yes - the entire site is modular. A small update in one page, thanks to the Include Page command, will make that change throughout the site.

For example, the footer, the left navigation, and the header on the site are actually separate pages that use the server-side include/include page feature.

Kirupa :wink:

whoo, i think u will need to go over that with me on AIM

No, I try my best not to provide help via AIM. I am on AIM because I am either working on something for the site or spending time chatting with my friends - I choose to not use that time for helping people when they can post on the message boards.

What exactly is your question?

Kirupa :cyclops:

well ok, its: how did you get the sidebars to be added also?
i can only add vertically

I used tables. Have you tried Viewing the Source for the home page or any other page on this site in FrontPage? It provides plenty of information on how the table structure is, etc.

oh ok thanks, im still not clear on that but ok :slight_smile:

what do you mean like its modular?

i create a new page in the web but it doesnt have those things.


You can use includes with HTML, PHP, and ASP.

Here is the HTML method of SSI (server-side includes), I am assuming if you don’t know this yet, then you don’t know the PHP or ASP methods yet, so you should start with this and get used to how it works.

Its a bit confusing for me, I’m new at this kind of thing. (Simple HTML I’m good with but SSI and stuff is new to me.)

Especially the 'You can use includes with HTML, PHP, and ASP. ’ thing. That didn’t make too much sense.

Includes are the ability to include an external file into your current file. This gives the designer the ability to store code that will be re-used within multiple pages the ability to store it in a .txt or .html file (for html includes) that can be called into a main .html file via SSI instead of copying and pasting the code into each individual file.

This is a great thing because once that external file is edited, it gets updated on each and every page that calls it in via SSI.

As for PHP and ASP being able to use includes, since they are different languages they both use includes differently, and can include different file types. If you don’t know the languages, then you don’t have to worry about it :wink: