ASP Variable to Dynamic text


Just want ot know if anyone know how to do this?
I have a ASP script:

[size=-1]Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")[/size] 
[size=-1]Wfile=server.mappath("\") & "[color=#ff0000]\cgi-bin\counter304882.txt[/color]"[/size] 
[size=-1]on error resume next[/size] 
[size=-1]Set a = fs.OpenTextFile(Wfile)[/size] 
[size=-1]hits = Clng(a.ReadLine)[/size] 
[size=-1]hits = hits + 1[/size] 

[size=-1]if error then[/size] 
[size=-1]hits = 1[/size] 
[size=-1]end if[/size] 

[size=-1]Set a = fs.CreateTextFile(Wfile,True)[/size] 
  [size=-1]Number of hits: <% =hits %>[/size]


I would like the variable hits to be loaded in a dynamic text does anyone knows how to do this?