Problem with a dynamic text

I’ve got a movie that i’m getting dynamic data from a data base. It displays the last five records in the database. What I want to do is place a button in the movie that does the math function for the asp and passes the variable then refreshes it in the movie. I know I’ve seen a tutorial in the past where it would pass the variable in the background and I could reload the text into the same text window. Does anyone know what I need to do?

here is the source I have for the button:

on (release) {
clicks = clicks + 1;
count = clicks * 5 + 1;
displaycount = count;
getURL(“”, “”, “POST”);
loadVariables(“demo.asp”, “this”);

Well you have that code on a button I pressume and you have it loading the variable into ‘this’ which would be used for a movie clip or at least I have always thought.

**on (release) {
    [color=red]clicks ++;[/color]
    count = clicks * 5 + 1;
    displaycount = count;
    getURL("", "", "POST");
    [color=red]loadVariables("demo.asp", "this");[/color]

[color=red]clicks ++;[/color] is equal to what you had and it is much more neat and simple.

[color=red]loadVariables(“demo.asp”, “this”);[/color] and “this” may be a reason why your varibale is not going into flash so replace it for an actual location like the _root timeline or a movie clip!

that still takes me to the next page instead of reloading it in the text box. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this done before. Is it possible?

Does anyone else know what the problem could be?