Atlantis:The lost Continent finaly found

I have always been curious about the topic, so while browsing the local chapters (book store) i came across a newly released book about atlantis “Atlantis:The lost Continent finaly found” and all i can say is wow!.

from the first few pages i’ve read and from the books website everything he argues about seems plausible and fits. After reading his main thoery about the island “sinking” coinciding with the melting of the pliestocene iceage and coming from a geological and physical geographical background, this totaly grabbed my attention and from my limited knowlegde seems to me to be correct. If your into this kind of stuff i recomend getting the book and if not i recommed browsing the website and then thereafter you will want to buy the book :lol:

:sure: I wish there was an ordered forum still :bad: