ATT FEMALES! Would this be appealing to you?

Hello all!

I’ve been struggling with trying to come up with a good design for the wedding section of a site that I’m doing for a resort. What do you think? I think this is the best I’ve come up with so far but it just doesn’t seem right. Should I drop the decorative border or what? Page turns? Any suggestions would be great and don’t worry I’m not sensitive so please give me your honest opinions. :hugegrin:



O yea don’t bother commenting on the header. It’s done and it looks and functions just the way I want it to. I just didn’t feel like slicing up the layout and then putting the swf in and then taking a screenshot.

<girl voice> I would make the decorative border match the inset picture border more, and drop the page turns…just this lady’s opinion</girl voice>

Oh Adam you’re so girly…

lol Adam

<manly voice > what the h3ll do you know! < /manly voice > j/k

Funny you should say that though adam because that is exactly the way I had it about 30 minutes ago.

I see you’re in touch with your feminin side too :wink: That Daivd Haselhoff is such a hunk…and don’t get me started on Tesh!!!

i think that the outside should either be darker or lighter, but not stay where it is.

d00d, that made no sense.


Body are you talking about the purplish/ blue?

euh, no, the side pixel patter thingy ma bobber…


What do you guys think of the framed picture below “Weddings”?

Keep it? Lose it?

Body yea it looks really dirty there. It’s looks a lot better when it’s not saved a 16 quality jpeg. lol

I personally think it’s perfect, I’d keep it.

the bit on the outside.

I’d ease up on those drop shadows, they’re way too dark… :slight_smile:

Will do. Thanks Eilsoe.

Body look ^^^^

I think the hard angles are a bit to masculine and strong. Maybe try rounded or more movement oriented soft angles.

Also the colors are a bit drab for a feminine wedding site. Maybe some more color.

Man I wish I had a vagina right now!

Ethan it’s not a wedding site it’s just one section of a resort site that offers weddings. I agree that it’s too drab and borderlines gothic and I’m learning really quick that this girly crap just isn’t my bag.

I’m thinking I’ll just scrap the whole thing and start again with pinks and baby blues.

scratches head boy this is a tough one!

NO! don’t scrap it… it looks good. just redo what youve got colour wise, and it’ll be smashing (i think… )


I really, really hate pink. Then again, I wanted to wear shorts and be barefoot at my wedding. Dresses and heels make me want to puke. So go figure. Can’t please all of the people all of the time. Stick with theme you have going for the rest of the site. If someone wants to get married there they’ll be digging past that page of the site anyway to see what else this place looks like.

Just this (real) girl’s $0.02 :hr:

@lunatic Thanks Babs (from now on I’ve decided that I will call you Babs, as in Babs Bunny) lol

I hate pink too Babs but I think Ethan is right; the design is just too “drab.” After all guys will never look at this page and I think most women that are into flowery pink phony garbage are the target audience. Big Sigh and then some cussing

Thanks for your $0.02 but I only accept mastercard or visa. lol shakes head in lew of very lame joke

lol i <3 pink for some reason…


Another cent tossed your way - remember that daddy will be paying for the wedding and mommy will have her way or daddy won’t pay. So maybe you want some of that design sense of yours to lean towards what parents might want (and that site looks like it aims towards conservative wealthy guests).

So please don’t fluff it out too much. Besides, are you really going to listen to a bunch of guys on this site? :wink:

“Babs Bunny?” :sure: