ATT FEMALES! Would this be appealing to you?

raises eyebrows

Babs I really never thought about that! That is the exactly the target audience of the resort. Are you psychic or am I a lot better than I think? rofl

^^^ < insert loves smiley here > ^^^

But remember daddys pays and daddy is the ehad of the family, but momma is the neck and she makes the head more where ever she wants.

Exactly. Which is why you can’t design the site for “ooooo! (squealing noises) I’m getting maaaaaaaariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied! eek! eek! I’m gonna make all the bridesmaids wear sky blue poofy dresses! and I want baskets of puppies and kittens and forget-me-nots at the end of each aisle! And I want 25 flower girls! And I want and I want and I want and I want and I want yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah barf squeal blech” :ogre: :ogre: :ogre: :ogre: :ogre:

Gotta design for conservative, nothing showing above the mid-calf, hat in the sun, long sleeved in mid summer, prim and proper mama and always-a-tie-except-on-the-golf-course papa.

Hey CG what’s the pub like? You can tell a lot about a place like that by what kind of clients they design their bar for. This is not your 80 kegs a week place. This is a gin and tonic place and mama has a glass of white wine.

There, I’m up to about $0.04. I’m gonna have to bill you pretty soon.

And yes I"m psychic. :evil2:

  1. get rid of page curls
  2. more color
    3)the border around the couple kissing is too thick, make it smaller, or better yet, remove it.
    4)lighten up shadows

BillMarr: I think it looks great tbh. I get the rustic feel - i love it tbh. I will run it by my mom tomorrow night if you really want me to :-/

edit: tone the shadows donw a bit though :cop:

Yeah I agree. I really wouldn’t change it that much. I think it has that “extremely nice weddings can be had here” look to it - very professional. I might change the “frame” around the wedding photo of the couple - it seems really thick compared to the one used for the site in general (which I like - very classy). I could go either way on the page curl at the bottom corners of the content windows - they dont’ bother me. I like the colors - like I said classy and elegant without being froo froo or overdone. I’ve seen the pink and blue wedding sites and they bite.

You are a very good designer! :thumb:

Thanks for the input everyone. I got rid of a bunch of stuff and lightened that picture frame.

Mike yes get your mom to have a look at it. After all feedback is the breakfast of champions.

Better? Worse?

better . . . but I miss the shadows a bit. :slight_smile: Looked more like a wedding invitation before, the way the smaller “pieces” are layered. I still think the frame around the kissing couple is a bit heavy - I prefer the thinner one around the whole site, but that’s a minor thing.

Glad you didn’t change the colors! :hr:

Thanks Babs. I’m calling this layout done for now and moving onto another page. The frame around the kissing couple probably will stay as is simply because I’m too lazy to mess around with it.

Okay then :bu: