Attach Movie Clip with XML

Hello everybody!
Thats the first time i am using this forum so I’am a newbie. For first I must say that my english is the worst on earth. Therefore ask me please before you understood me.
My problem is:**
I made the Attach Movie Clip with XML Load and it wondered me, because it worked.

But now I make Hover Captions inside the first Attach Movie Clip, also with an attach movie function, Now I have the problem how to get the data from the xml file into the 2. attach movie.
for the 1. path (into the first attach movie) the code looks like this.**
_root[“neuesMC”+i].xmlPfad = xmlDatei*.attributes.namen;

Please tell me how to write the path into the second attach movie.

my Structure:
**> xml Load
> read XML
-> make 1st. attach Movie
–> make 2nd. attach Movie (onRollOver)