Attach movie / xml problem?!

I’m trying to attach a new movie for each child node.
I’m trying to add a thumbnail, description and a link to a .flv that I can load to a movie player.

Here is the code:

var video_xml = new XML();
video_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
video_xml.onLoad = function(success){
        thumb = [];
        description = [];
        clip = [];
        xmlNode = this.firstChild;
        total = xmlNode.childNodes.length;
        for (i=0; i<total; i++) {
            thumb* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[0].firstChild.nodeValue;
            description* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[1].firstChild.nodeValue;
            clip* = xmlNode.childNodes*.childNodes[2].firstChild.nodeValue;
            var xPos = 10;
            var yPos = 10;
            attachMovie("container", "new"+i, i, {_x:xPos, _y:yPos});
            xPos += this["new"+i]._width+10;
            this["new"+i].desc.text = description*;
            this["new"+i].clip = clip*;

When I preview the movie an empty container appears with none of the xml data.
Has anyone done this before? I must be missing something!
Hope someone can help me out!!!??!