attachMovie and loadMovie layer problem

first i load a movie clip from my library using attachMovie.
then i load a jpg using loadMovie in a containerMC located on top of the clip above.
the movie clip is a yellow square with alpha = 30.
the jpg is a picture.

they both appear on stage but it looks like the picture is under the movie clip, so the picture has a yellow sheen (from the alpha) on it. how do i load the jpg above the attachMovie?

i loaded the jpg at the very last frame so it occurs last but it doesn’t make a difference. and the containerMC is on my top most layer.



will swap the depths of both movies, making the containerMC go above the attached mc.

Alternatively, you could assign each mc a depth using this in the first frame of each:


*where 1 is the depth… give containerMc a depth of 1 and attachedMc a depth of 2.

Hope this helps…

hey Axis100,

Thanks for your help. It worked perfectly =)