Attachmovie doesn't show on empty mc

hi guys, once again im praying for the flash gods in here to help me out:
thanks in advance guys, i know this has been asked before but i just cant figure it out

heres whats going on:
im attaching a movieclip from the library into an empty movie clip (mc_container) in my main timeline ( my entire swf has 2 scenes, first one is a preloader, second scene is the main one and is just 1 frame long), if i export for first frame it drives the preloader (for background images) crazy!
i found this thread :… this is basically the problem im having, the thing is i dont really understand the second solution :frowning: (the one of creating a second empty frame, tried that and didnt work either)
thanks in advance for any help

nevermind, i finally figured it out…
just for everyone out there with the same problem, heres a link pretty clear explanation on how it works…i just place the linked clips somewhere else in the movie, before they get called…it all makes sense now

Export for the first frame, forced the movie clips to load the before the main movie load. That is you are asking for a troble. So make another scene in between the preloader and main scene. Dump all the attached library items to that scene. Uncheck the export for first frame from all the attached clips in the library.