i´m using this AS to load a movieclip from the library:

on (release) {
thing.attachMovie(“circle”, “circle1”, 2);

now i want to unload that same movie to load a new one, can any one help me with the action script on this…well, basic question!:sigh:


attach it in the same depth (2) and the previous one will be replaced. :wink:


thanks for helping kax…it worked…!!:beam:

no problem. =)

by the way, you could also use MovieClip.removeMovieClip or [url=]MovieClip.unloadMovie. :wink:

thanks again kax, its god to know all the options in the flash universe but the first one you post solves the problem! :wink:

by the way can you help me again on this thread!

well, simply put the script in the first frame actions of the movie… ? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

thing.attachMovie("circle", "circle1", 2);

Thanks Kax!
You are being a great help to solve this last part of my site!
Can you tell me also how is possible to control the X,Y coordinates of the movie to be loaded! I’ve done what you’ve said but the movie shows up in the wrong spot!

thing.attachMovie("circle", "circle1", 2, {_x:100, _y:100});



Thanks man!!

I thing you have clear all my doubts and the site will finally be finish…thanks to all the help that you (more than once did :wink: ) and the all people that dedicate in kirupa helping guys like me that are still learning and hoping that some day have acquire the skills to help those new, and not so new, flash users!

Thanks again


you’re welcome, barels. :beam:

i’m glad i could help. :stuck_out_tongue: =)

hey kax!

i don´t know if you are intersted but here´s the site that you helped create!


sorry! :wink: