when i use attachMovieClip, is there some way i can make it go ontop of the old clip. so that when the new one is finshed “building” over it i can remove the old one, preventing a stackup???


… the depth argument specifies arrangement position

sorry=) i mean when the new clips is finished playing id like to remove the old one. But NOT before!

Im desperat!!!

at the end of the new one put the code to remove the old using removeMovieclip()

ive tryed that. The problem is it removes everything!

this is the code im using. Im not sure what to do. I now have it attaching in “this” but then everything is removed.

on (release) {
var newMc = this.attachMovie(“kompetansemain”, “kompetansemain_1”, 1);
newMc._x = 0;
newMc._y = 0;

Where shold i attach it? and is there someting like _root or _parent i should use when i remove it???

Yes, i realy dont know what the hell im doin right now=)

haha… ok, I think I know the answer… if you do this.attachmovie, and then delete the original clip, you’re going to erase everything… what you should do is _root.attachmovie instead