Attention 3D Brothers!

I have a little project site I’m working on and I need a 3d image created. It’s a simple circular container with a soft plastic texture.

The project is called modelpolish

is the kind of shape I’m looking for jsut shorter. I would like the plastic to be a white or dark gray color.

This image kind of gives the style and feel for the site. I’m going to use the 3d image as part of the design.

Anyone want to take a stab at it?

I had to take a break from this web stuff so I had a bit of fun. Not too sure what you were after by your description though… did you just want a blank one??

anyway, back to coding… :frowning:

Wow Mate! Nice work. Yes I was looking for a blank one in either a white plastic like the top part is. If you cna put some text on the container it would be very cool. I just have to work on getting it to you.

P.S. Can you make it a little shorter?

Do you use MSN Messenger or AIM. If so drop me a message.

beat me to it…ironik

If I can be a pest and ask for a little more…

If a simple scene can be created. the scene would only need to be a white glossy countertop with the non-glossy plastic container on it.

As photorealistic as it can be.

Thanks for helping.

Photorealistic? Hahah.

Eilsoe :sleep:. I hate that “vray” of his.

Go to eilsoe :thumb:. He’s amazing at that Photorealistic render stuff :).

What’s funny about photorealistic?

I have very little experience with 3D so I don’t know if I’m using the right terms.

No I just meant Eilsoe is the best at that photorealistic stuff :thumb:.

Making a model “photo-realistic” is not even that much modeling. To be photorealistic you just have to have a handle on the lighting and map properties. (bump-maps, glossyness, etc)

well where is Eilsoe?

Nice work ironikart!
Though that yellowish lighting isn’t working.
Still though, very nice work.

On Mars. Drop him a PM to check this thread out ;).

back! geez it’s cold up on that red planet…


Lol :P!

Some examples of the shape. And the top lids that is the clear white is the style I want the plastic to be in. But with no shine to the plastic.

Sorry, I don’t have the time to do anything more for this (I’m already 2 days past deadline for another project), but if you like I can post the mesh + bitmaps in a zip file and someone else can take a stab at it.

I won’t have access to the files until tommorow… but I’ll see if I can post them then. :smiley:

I’ll take a stab at it :slight_smile:

post away when you find the time :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help so far and thanks for taking a stab at it Eilsoe.

I’ve attached the mesh - 3DS MAX 6 format. If you need me to I can post it in *.3DS

Thanks buddy.