Attn: DataGreed Component Event handling -

Hi, I need help in my project based on greedComponent using Flash MX-2004.
[COLOR=darkred]application:[/COLOR] i am loading an information from XML file to the DataGreed. all Greed cell( individual row) informations having their respective buttons in the stage(in same frame) named( b1,b2, …bn).

[COLOR=blue]Need!!:[/COLOR] i want to generate an “event” while “rollOver” on individual GreedCell (row) of the DataGreed… that event will handel the opaque property of the respective buttons(i.e while roll over on greed cell their respective button “_alpha” value will change from 0 to 30)[initial _alpha value of all buttons are 0"]
[COLOR=red]Please help me!! Thanks…[/COLOR]