DataGreed Component Event handling

Hi, I need help in my project based on greedComponent using Flash MX-2004.
application: i am loading an information from [COLOR=darkred]XML [/COLOR]file to the DataGreed. all[COLOR=darkred] Greed cell[/COLOR]( individual row) informations having their respective buttons in the stage(in same frame) named[COLOR=darkred]( b1,b2, …bn).[/COLOR]
Need!!: i want to generate an [COLOR=darkred]“event”[/COLOR] while “[COLOR=darkred]rollOver”[/COLOR] on individual GreedCell (row) of the DataGreed… that event will handel the opaque property of the respective buttons(i.e while roll over on greed cell their respective button [COLOR=darkred]"_alpha"[/COLOR] value will change from 0 to 30)[initial _alpha value of all buttons are 0"]
Please help me!! Thanks… :hangover: