Attn mods :: icons?

do you guys get more smilies than the rest of us … i’ve seen two new ones today posted by mods that i don’t see on my list of available smilies
where can i get these? :slight_smile:

The new smilies are for everyone. You can find them on the side of your reply when you reply to a thread. It is in the box that says “Smilies” you can click the “[Get More]” link at the bottom of the box or you can click on the “More Smileys!” link below the box.

yeah … the upside down one that you did is there … but i saw flex (i think it was him) do a red smiley that was animated with Q#$*!# above its head

i dont see that one :slight_smile:

That one is under the “More Smileys!” Link that is under the “Smilies” Box.

it looks like this…

[smilies box]
“Add A Flash Footer” link
“More Smileys!” link <I><~—in this one towards the bottom</I>

thanks very much

No problem Just giving you a nudge in the right direction(-:

I got my smilies from another site

just practicing

:A+:Im’s Special :A+:

:hat: Excuse me sir…do you have any grey poupon?