ATTN: thoriphes

Greetings. I was trying to repeat your Random Letter Cycling and after a few tries still fail to get it right so as the bottom of the tutorial says I would love it if you could send me the .fla file.

Thanks much =)

Welcome to Kirupa :slight_smile:

<a href=>here</a>

Stop drooling, Upu.

pom 0]

No drool. Upuaut doesn’t drool… we salivate.

True, I’m taken in by the cartoon character

Yeah, right… You never welcomed me, you know ?

pom 0]

Yeah right… I think you should check back posts.

Granted my welcome is usually in the form of attempting to answer a question… I’m admitting fully that the style of the cartoon character intrigued me.

Drooling is for people who are subject the pavlov’s experiment/nature’s cycle. I alas am beyond such things, being engaged, and happily so; and slightly different than human.
As a realist, I find that there is much less frustration in life if you don’t even attempt to fool yourself into believing that fantasy is possible beyond what you make of it with the one you love. All other fantasy cannot be fulfilled. That’s what happens when you’re in love.

Neither technicaly was I salivating… that was a joke.

I love you too Pom… and you know I want you… so stop being all obtuse with your jelousy… just come out and say that you want me. It’ll make you feel a lot better.