Audio Player

I am building upon a tutorial that I followed on Flashkit regarding sound. I have built a .swf that contains an 11-track “media player.” It relies entirely upon actionscript to call the mp3 files for playback. My vision for this, was to load the .swf .into the main timeline for a site that I am building. The media player functions in terms of the functionality of the buttons for next and previous tracks. However, the actionscript isn’t calling the sounds.

Do I need to import the sounds into the main timeline that I am using for the site navigation and change the linkages? I think that I have tried this and it didn’t work…can anyone help?


The “Media Player” functions great as a stand alone .swf. Once I use a “Load Movie” action to call it into another timeline…I lose the sounds.

I want the “Media Player” to preload into the site and remain a standalone piece that sits on the nav structure for the site. I know that you all have seen this done. My client has eleven 30 second samples that I want to give the user the power to listen to on demand so to speak.