Audio tracks

when my main page opens, the default loop loads. next to the “mute” button, there is "tracks 1 2 3 4 " buttons to select other tracks. those tracks are external SWF. how can i load each external track once buttons "1 2 3 4 " are clicked.

anyone can help me plz ??

use external load here is a mini tute i wrote

it loads .mp3, i already have the sounds in external SWF files. it didnt work.

no take them out of .swf’s all your mp3’s should be in the folder where your swf’s are. please note that if you keep your audio in swf’s this will kill your website with file size. are you not understanding what i wrote? if so say so, and i will explain further. believe me i have been working with audio and flash for a while now, and a great new feature with flash mx is loading external sounds. you should take advantage. post your project if u need or email it to me.

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