Audioscrobbler - Scrobble me up Capt'n!

[center]I’m pretty sure this has been brought up else where in the forum before, but I thought it would be good idea to draw everyones attention to it once again.[/center]


 It's an awesome site. Here's basically how it works: You register an account on the website, download a plugin for your favourite media player (be it winamp, WMP, iTunes, or any other freakishly small 3rd party app. - they're pretty much all there). Install the plugin, put in your account info in the plugin, and then forget about it. Just play music. The plugin will store the artist and song names in a little log file until it has a connection to the site, at which point the information is sent to your personal page on the site. For example, here's mine:

[left] Your profile will eventually grow in size to something rediculous. After a 200 song plays (that’s suprisingly few, as you will soon find). You can go into your profile and look at a few things. the “network” thing at the top of the page shows you other members with similar tastes in music to you. Right now, they’ve removed the reccomendations page as they’re modifying it, but what it does is tell you which bands you may enjoy. The site is compiling a whole ton of different statistics, such as country preferences and what not.
You can also join different groups on the site based on what music you listen to, what area you’re from, computing preferences, and even websites. We here at kirupa have a (small) group as well.
[left] Please note the member called “Kirupa” actually isn’t kirupa. Strangely enough.

What are you waiting for? Sign up ( and get download a plugin ([url=“”]![/left]