Aus Open - Marat Safin prevails against Roger Federer

Brilliant tennis match this one was. I anticipated this one to be a gruelling and tough match, both players who have won many titles and both who have big forehands. I think everyone thought Roger was going to win but I had a feeling Marat was going to win it in the end. Scores were:

Set 1: Federer 7 - 5 Safin
Set 2: Safin 6 - 4 Federer
Set 3: Federer 7 - 5 Safin
Set 4: Safin 7 - 6 Federer
Set 5: Safin 9 - 7 Federer

This wasnt one of the matches where rallies were rare, this one had multiple rallies from the back of the baseline, across the court and directly at sharp angles. I was suprised when Roger has outburts and even a racket throw down, uncharacteristically. Definetly a great battle and props to Roger for the awesome effort :slight_smile:

Womens final - I would say Serenna
Mens final - Hewitt and Marat but it could go either way with Roddick winning through. If its Roddick and Marat, another top match to watch :wink: