Philippousis beats Agassi!

Wooooo!! Go Philippousis :beam: He plays an unseeded player next in the quarters so hopefully he can make semis and then finals and then champ :slight_smile:

Any tennis fans?

im not really a fan, but live in a prodominatly tennis neighborhood. we have like 10 really expensive tennis courts, and when we have torunamets, there is always a bunch of traffic.:frowning:

oh yeah, and that one guy whose serve was like 150 mph was cool too.:slight_smile:

Wooooo!! Go Philippousis

:!: Why nooooooo?

Which guy with the fast serve? There are a few around… I miss watching Sampras though :frowning: He has the best serve even though it isn’t the fastest.

Agassi is one of my favorite players :frowning:

Oh well that’s too bad!! hehe :beam: Who are you going to go for now that he’s out?

I don’t care anymore :slight_smile: My two favorite players are Agassi and El Aynaoui… It was hard watching them play.

I like Agassi as well! Philippousis played a great game, and his serving game was really excellent. Agassi had a ton of great comebacks in that game also, but Philippousis was just too good. I miss Sampras also =)

Kirupa :bandit:

I didn’t get to see much of the game as it started some time after midnight but I’ll try and catch some of the replay today, that’s for sure.

I heard “Da Poo” (:P) had 46 aces which tied a record! That’s heaps!

who?!? :wink:

Um… Henman also won yesterday. Go Tim. :slight_smile:

Do you know who Henman plays next?

Have you or asphalt gone to see the tennis? My uncle went for a day and said the “strawberries and cream” that Wimbeldon is so famous for is a rip off! :stunned:

I don’t eat strawberries. :slight_smile:

Nope, never been to Wimbledon. Thought about it, but never quite got round to it. :slight_smile:

Can’t remember who he’s got next… Juan Carlos Ferrero? All I can think of is Ferrero Rocher I’m afraid…
Grosjean or Ferraro

Strawberries are yummy, especially when dipped in sweet sweet chocolate drools :stuck_out_tongue:

oooo Henman plays Grosjean or Ferrero - tough, and he is on the same side of the draw as Philippousis :bad:

Both of them have beaten him already in previous tournaments, I remember that much. :sure:

If he’s lucky he might make the semi’s again before collapsing under the pressure. :slight_smile: