Authenticate CD via web app?

I have a potential client that is wanting to have an exclusive content section of there site and want access to it via putting an authentic cd product(music cd)
into the cd rom drive on a specific page that will approve it and allow access.

I have seen this done … The Cardigans did this with there latest album … Placebo has done this a few times where if you put any of there previous cd’s in the drive it would give access to a preview page for new material.

So does anyone have any ideas on where I would start to figure out the dev of this type of app.?
Thanks in advance >>>

This is actually a non-trivial task and, to make it worse, it’s going to be very difficult to make this cross-platform.

Essentially, the way most record-type sites do it is by writing an ActiveX control that the browser loads, and then uses C++ code to verify the CD… if that’s beyond your scope (i.e.: if you don’t know what an ActiveX control is), you may be able to find one that is available for purchase/license.

Yea that’s going to be rough. Once I had to do something like this, so here is my advice. I had the network admin create a windows share, and we loaded the cd using flash’s fsCommand.

You would need remote access i guess and we were running windows servers, but may not be a solution for you, just throwing ideas.