Auto syntax?

I personally have never been a fan of FrontPage. I’ve always gone the Visual Studio route myself, but to each their own!

I did have a question that a buddy had asked me about the program. She was trying to add this < ! – marking the beginning of a script tag, but she did not want to close it because she was trying to over-ride some server-generated code (e-hem…no comment). At any rate, she was working in FrontPage and noticed that no matter what she did, FrontPage would always finish the < ! – for her with – > and the program would not leave it as is. It would even add end tags like < / > and such.
The question I have is how on earth do you stop FrontPage from doing that? Or is it not an option? Just curious.

Love the site! Thanks!

Hey Tay,
I have never encountered that problem, but is she trying to disable the code completely? If so, wouldn’t commenting it out work? FrontPage has never added any server-specific code to the pages I use. What is the exact code she is trying to remove? It could be related to a feature she is using that requires to use of Server scripting. If she is using a FrontPage Server specific instruction such as a nav bar, the FrontPage code will be placed.

I think she should maybe consider telling FrontPage that her server does not have the FP Extensions installed. Tell her to go to Tools | Page Options. Click the Compatibility tab. From there, she should uncheck the box marked “Enabled with Microsoft FrontPage Extensions”. That may prevent a few FP features from working, but it should prevent FrontPage from adding any FP-specific code.

Kirupa :rambo:

Thanks for the info Kirupa.

The situation was this-

She wanted to over ride the server-generated code (I think it’s JavaScript) that Yahoo! Geocities puts on a free webpage that you get when you sign up. This code will put pop-up ads and banners on your page (like it or not).
She was just thinking of ways to bypass this. She figured that if she put the beginning of a script in the html page (that she was uploading to Geocities), it would cancel out anything that went after it (whatever code Geocities inserts), rendering it ‘hidden’ and thus, ineffective to insert pop-ups.

For example the “hide code” symbol usually found in Javascript < ! --.

What she noticed with FrontPage is that when you put symbols like that in your html page without closing them, FrontPage will automatically close the tag (in this case it would be the – > symbol). This would mean anything after it would become effective code. Sort of like auto-correcting what FrontPage thinks you may have missed. Mind you that this usually happens when you save your work. Not while you’re working on something. You can leave it anyway you want to, but when you save it to a disc or whatnot, it will make those corrections.

It’s really not a big deal. She’s since moved on to different programs for her web development. But it made for an interesting question anyway.

Thanks again!

Hey tay,
That’s good. GeoCities adds those codes to the pages on the fly as they are loaded into the browser. Even if they are closed, GeoCities will simply add another one above it. At least she won’t have that problem on a non-Geocities site :slight_smile:

Kirupa :asian: