Automatic Slideshow - irratic behaviour

Automatic Slideshow - irratic behaviour

Can’t figure this out: The Kirupa slideshow is behaving irratically.
I’m talking about the actual Online sample of this slideshow here:
Once all images are in the cache, all works perfectly. But when I empty my cache and reload the page it often happens that an image does not load, then the slideshow simply stops - or, an image is skipped! Other times it runs through just fine, albeit not very smoothly, that is to say the preloader jumps to 3 or 4 accending positions - then the image is faded in rather abruptly, but not as smoothly as when already cached, and the delay is certainly not at a perfect 3000ms.
I tested this on several different machines (all PC). I have a fairly fast Internet connection of 512mb/s which I am sure is working properly. No problems with other sites, or online slideshows. Even if there was a downstream problem, shouldn’t the slideshow at least display the “file not loaded!” message as it is coded in the action script?
Again, this error is not occurring every time, but often (like 2-3-times out of 5). I didn’t notice it at first, then, liking the elegance and simplicity of the script, I implemented it into one of my sites, diplaying about 30 images. All worked wonderfully on my local drive - once uploaded I realized how unrelieable it was. Thought I messed something up on my end, until I realized the problem even occures on the actual Kirupa online sample.
I’d also like to restate that my I-connection and equipment is in perfect working order, and I tested this on 3 different computers.
Oh, and of course I’m testing this with different browsers as well. Opera, Firefox and MSIE6 all produce this error.
What gives?


P.S.: I just had this issue confirmed by a collegue in a different country, Safari browser, Macintosh system, 4Gb/s Internet access.

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Can’t believe there has only been one reply so far.
I mean this sample for a slideshow is still online @Kirupa, but it simply isn’t working - and nobody says a word about it???

try to do a search on this forum there have been a zillion topics about the galleries!!!

Set the interval after the picture is loaded :slight_smile:
I’ve left the xml load code and listener code out they’re not changing

p = 0;
var ctrl = this.createEmptyMovieClip("ctrl", 9978);
function preload(clip) {
	picture._alpha = 0;
	preloader._visible = true;
	ctrl.onEnterFrame = function() {
		filesize = picture.getBytesTotal();
		loaded = picture.getBytesLoaded();
		preloader.preload_bar._xscale = 100*loaded/filesize;
		if (picture._width) {
			preloader._visible = false;
			picture._alpha += 10;
			if (picture._alpha>100) {
				picture._alpha = 100;
				myInterval = setInterval(pause_slideshow, delay);
				delete this.onEnterFrame;
function nextImage() {
	if (p<(total-1)) {
		desc_txt.text = description[p];
function prevImage() {
	if (p>0) {
		desc_txt.text = description[p];
function firstImage() {
	desc_txt.text = description[0];
function picture_num() {
	current_pos = p+1;
	pos_txt.text = current_pos+" / "+total;
function pause_slideshow() {
	if (p == (total-1)) {
		p = 0;
	} else {


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Hey! Scotty, I want to see if U can help me for the video pause?! I added a Movieclip button to make the slideshow enable, if I click once, the slideshow only play once, if I double click it, it really enable the slideshow, cause I am new to flash actionscript, if I enable the slideshow, then I click on the thumbnail, it load that thumbnail… but after that … it plays slideshow, what should I do to disable the slideshow playing … I tried “gotoAndStop”, but so far … not working! :frowning: