Autorun to specific folder to launch swf


Can someone help me with the following;
I want to have my flash work on cd.
All my swf are in one folder “flashfiles”. In this folder there is a swf named start.swf and that loads various swf files located in the same folder.

I want an exec that can launch this start.swf located in this folder.
How can I do that?

Thx for helping

first of all if your making a CD-ROm based presentation using flash i highly suggest you make it one file and export it as a executable projector file for both PC and MAC because you will have problem when its viewed on a MAC when using loaded movies and if the person doesnt have the flash player plugin installed, if your serious about the presentation make it one file export it as an executable and then make an autorun file on the CD.

Open notepad and type this:


and save it as autorun.inf

good luck :thumb: