Cdrom + swf+loadmovie

I have a question :
I want to make a cdrom.
All my files are in a folder. There is one main swf (“start.swf”) that calls several other external swf.

Now, how can I call this “start.swf” when playing the cdrom?
Do i need to make an exe outside this folder that will call the “start.swf” with an autorun file ?


Thanx for helping me!


best to make an exe and if its for CDROM fullscreen

i cant make an exe of the main file because it is located in a folder and calling other movies…

i need an external file getting this main file (“start.swf”) to play within the folder…

Hi Mel

I would suggest you make a simple start movie with a welcome screen or whatever. Publish this as a exe into the root directory. (not in the flashfiles folder)
On the first frame use the load movie command and call your start.swf which is in your flashfiles folder.

Use the full screen command as suggested above and the autorun file and you should be sweet.

Thanx very much for your help !


If your going to make the presentation in fullscreen please PLEASE make an exit button so the user can exit the presentation, theres alot of things you would like to have in mind when making a CD-ROM based presentation, amd also if you want it to work crossplatform not everyone uses PC theres are MAC users out there and if its a personal portfolio i suggest you make it crossplatform since all design firms/studios have MAC’s and it looks very professional when you can see it on both platforms. If you need more help feel free to ask :wink:

Hi Grim,

Thank you for answering, also to my previous thread…

One question about the cdrom issue, why “load movie” causes problem on a mac?