Awesome video/flash concept

Check this out for some slick flash and video in a really neatly packed concept. – take ages to load but get a cup of coffe while you wait, its worth it.,8764,47948,00.html

Ciao Pixi. :hugegrin:

wow not bad but kinda took a little bit to load… I liked the loader design

Errm… Is this just me, or does the whole thing just load for a while, and then displays this silver CD-case like thing and doesn’t do anything more?

I tried clicking the thing and such, but nothing happens :h:

that is pretty [email protected] awesome. I think the used a 3d package for the pages. Softbody dynamics or something. I think I may play around with this and see if I can replicate it. Very cool effect tho

First it didn’t work (see previous post), and now:

Gateway Timeout
The following error occurred:
Server unreachable

Please contact the administrator.

Nice find pixi :thumb:

That was worth the wait. Very entertaining.

same thing happened here.

its takin a year to load…


i couldnt get it to load :frowning: ill try again later…

Great Concept. it makes me want to buy the phone and love it.

Its not water proved. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It loaded really slow, it took an entire minute! gasp I love high speed LAN access. It didn’t play for me at first either, just showed the first frame. Right click and select “Play” then “PLAY AGAIN.” appears. Clickeroo and away we go.

Awesome ad. Music is weird but fitting. I’m completely unsurprised that this phone will never see the purple mountains majesty or the amber waves of grain :frowning:

wow nice but could also have been done as an mov since the only flash intensive part was the loader and play button. but very nice concept.

that was cool… i forwarded the links to some of my buddies…

Thanks Sirtimbly, you’re the first one who actually took time to reply to my question.

Bunch of… :m:

All I have to say is that whoever implemented the video for this site doesn’t know the first thing about how to “clean” a video or how to implement it using Flash. This should only be a 5MB FLV MAX and sh ould be a progressive video, so it starts playing after 2-5 seconds. I am on a 2mbps cable modem and took 2.5 min to DL. WAAAAY too long. The average internet user has the attention span of a gnat.

I got this video with my phone!! It is very nice.

That worked. That was awesome. Flowed very well with the music. :love: Me loves it.