Babelfish on Altavista... competition?

Greetings :slight_smile:

I believe many of you know this [<- link] translation tool already- and some of you might do the “translate back and forth between different languages for often hilarious results” as well, for laughs- but I thought it would be cool to add some competitive twist to it / encourage you to play with it if you haven’t so far :slight_smile:

Rules proposal:[LIST]
[]start with an original text of 60 - 90 words in English,
]translate it at least 3 times (copy result, paste, translate again),
[]maximum translations: 6 times (including back to English),
]post your starting and resulting texts on here,
[*]if possible, also post the steps you took.[/LIST]If you’re interested in really making it a competition, let me know and we’ll set an end date :slight_smile:

Grand Prize:
A pixel. You even get to choose the colour!

Here’s a sample:

[SIZE=1]When I first started working with Flash, I had a hard time getting used to how tweening worked- it also eluded me how exactly to handle the manipulation of symbols through Action Script, how to make Buttons work properly or how to use the Timeline right.

By now I have almost no trouble anymore and even dare to program applications almost entirely operating on Script- and I owe almost all of this knowledge to the help and support of the users on Kirupa- Thank you![/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]> Japanese > English > German > English[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]If I begins first to use lightning which concerns me the method of the treatment of the processing of the indication, which is used by the manuscript of the behavior, that tweening the furnace, which is it I, which worked on method, in that it the key use surely can or the method of using the right of the zeitlinie, as she escaped exactly and exceeded at the time of the balance height.

Now which concerns me, whom it already, already possesses most troubles it, does that the application, which lets run completely with the manuscript is nearly courageously programmed, this knowledge owes all assistance nearly, which concerns support the user of Kirupa estimates! *[/SIZE]

Now beat me. I mean- figuratively speaking ^^;

[SIZE=1]*(…if you manage to build up a poetic rythm while reading it out loud, it could almost be considered… uh… rubbish ^^ …it *does *make you start to understand those manuals by some low- to mid-quality electronics manufactrurers, though!)[/SIZE]