Back Button Problem !?!

I have just made a simple flash based website and decided/had to add a ‘back’ button to return to the home page where the menu is located.

But it just loads the home page within the old page. Which actionscript would i need to load home page again with out loading the Digital Llama (LINK HERE) again, as it has a popup and would be annoying if it had to popup each time u pressed back…?

i use this for all the buttons, so the ‘back’ just has main.swf as the link name…

on (release) {

any help would be appreciated.

This what you after ?

on (release)
getURL(“linkname.swf” );

Regards Barrie

thanks barrie, but i have one small problem, on the pc it runs exactly as i want it (reopens main) but on the net when i click ‘back’ it ask if i want to download the file…

thanks for all ya help

site update:

First, switch Normal Mode (not Expert).
On Action getURL you’ll see Window.
Try with URL for that button and window


This should load in empty page.

Action for Back button you can put


O similar.