Back from Italy

Hi everyone,

Just so you’d know, I’m back from Umbria and I brought about 540 pictures :beam:

These are a few of them, some were taken from a driving vehicule, so… =)

[size=1]On the road in Switzerland[/size]

[size=1]A small waterfall in the Swiss mountains[/size]

[size=1]Lugano lake at the border with Italy[/size]

[size=1]Isola Maggiore, where Fransiscus of Assisi lived for six weeks[/size]

[size=1]View on Todi, a small village on top of a mountain[/size]

[size=1]The streets of Gubbio[/size]

I’m still unpacking and such, so only a short review:

  • it was incredibly hot (around 38°C)
  • very interesting and beautiful cultural heritage (duh :P)
  • swimming pools with italian babes :drool:
  • I hate the Vatican
  • more to add…

So most importantly: I’m baaaaaahaaack.

wow thats beautiful man, italian babes yummy

welcome back :wink:

wheres italian babes pics? :stuck_out_tongue:

[color=magenta]- - For subscribers only - 19,95$ a month - -[/color]

:wink: :trout:

aww seems like i am the only subscriber till now, any free samples for memeber number 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, fine:


[size=1]Have to be honest, I didn’t exactly go around asking all those girls if I could take their picture, and I’m not the kind of guy who sneaks up to them in the bushes with his spycam either :stuck_out_tongue: You’ll have to take my word on it, but I’ll check those 540 pictures to see if there isn’t one visible accidentally :P[/size]

Those look awomse EL!
It must of been so much fun. I’m going to Germany and Poland soon, can’t wait!

Oh and about the babes… [size=1]Sign me up ;)[/size]

Welcome back man.

Nice pics. What did you shoot them with?

yeah what did you take them with the waterfall one in particular looks great.

Oh welcome back by the way :thumb:

All you’ve missed is the coup when we dethroned Kirupa and put Fester8542 in charge, all bow to Fester :wink:

bows :block:

Welcome back el! Italy is a nice place. My parents and I lived there for a few years in Italy (Sardinia) :slight_smile:

All you’ve missed is the coup when we dethroned Kirupa and put Fester8542 in charge, all bow to Fester :wink:


Thanks, and those are only some of them :slight_smile: They say Poland is an uprising touristic country, and this is the perfect time to go there and be ahead of the flow :thumb:

[size=1]Hehe @ the babes thing ;)[/size]

Thanks. I shot them with my digital camera, the one I bought a year or so ago; 3.3 megapixels. Should’ve waited a bit longer, now you have 5 megapixels for the same price, but hey, I can never wait :beam:

See above, and the waterfall one was taken while driving by, so it was kinda hard to get a nice shot, but I got lucky :slight_smile:

Haha @ the coup :lol:

…:ne: bows? :ne:

Thanks! Man, you’re so lucky, I was depressed for having to come back to lesser-warm, smelly, flat and ugly-populated Belgium :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Whoa…that’s like…a smiley minefield duuude! :sure:

Hey that’s not fair! I just got back from Italy with 300+ pictures, movies, and panoramas and I haven’t had a chance to post any pics yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We were only in Rome though.

Working on the webpage though and hope to have it done over the weekend.

Can’t wait to see your other pics!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Heehee :pleased:

Hey, I was in Rome as well! When where you? I was there on the…


22th and 24th.

And a couple of others will be on my new site, when it comes out in 2014 :sigh:


I was in Rome from . . . July 7 -21 so I just missed you. I bet we have some of the same pictures though! :smiley:

Haha, probably :wink:

Like the one of that big round thing in the centre of Rome where those soldierlikeguys did those battlelikethings and like fought and stuff. :sure:


Lol, and you just missed me indeed :frowning:

Welcome back El and nice photos.

How were the snails :)?

Eh, wait that’s france…

Thanks Ethan.

And the snails were errm…exquisit :-/